Hairong Yuan   (袁海荣)


Department of Mathematics

East China Normal University

Dongchuan Rd.  500,  Minhang,  Shanghai 200241


Office:   Math. Building,  Room 114 

Ph.D.  Fudan University, 2006                       

My Curriculum Vitae English version                          我的简历(中文版)







For more information on courses I have taught, click here:  Teaching  (mainly in Chinese) 

Mathematical Research Interests   Preprints and Publications

      Presently my research work involves:

Partial Differential Equations

               - of elliptic, hyperbolic,  elliptic-hyperbolic composite-mixed type free boundary problems

-hyperbolic systems of conservation laws

Mathematical Problems in Fluid Dynamics

               - Compressible Euler equations transonic shocks and  transonic flows

Fluid Flows in Curved Spaces  


Without help of the community, a single person can achieve nothing today. My research was kindly supported by many foundations or grants listed in my CV. I  also thank sincerely  my institute, teachers, colleagues, family, as well as the referees for their constant supports and encouragements!   

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