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Publications and preprints:

[1] Crossed product C*-algebras of minimal dynamical systems on the product of the Cantor set and the torus.     J. Func. Anal., 265 (2013), 1105 - 1169
[2] Tensor Products of Classifiable C*-algebras (joint work with Huaxin Lin), submitted
[3] C*-algebras of a homeomorphism on a Cantor set with finitely many minimal subsets (joint work with Sergey Bezuglyi and Zhuang Niu), preprint
[4] K-theory and approximate conjugacy related to certain dynamical systems, preprint
[5] On generalized irrational rotation algebras, preprint

Slides from some of previous talks:

(2015)   Mini lectures in 2015 KOAS (Part I). Korean Operator Algebra Seminar. Korea.
(2014)   "Conjugacies" between dynamical systems and their relations to crossed products, Canadian Operator Algebra Symposium (COSy). Toronto.
(2013)   The relation between approximate conjugacies and K-theory for certain dynamical systems, C*-algebras, Structures, and Classification. Jilin, China.
(2013)   On generalized irrational rotation algebras (in Chinese), Youth Forum at East China Normal University. Shanghai.
(2013)   On generalized irrational rotation algebras, 4th Korean Operator Algebra Seminar. Seoul.
(2011)   Crossed product C*-algebras from minimal dynamical systems, Special Week on Operator Algebras. Shanghai.
(2009)   Approximate conjugacy of dynamical systems and the relation between the corresponding C*-algebras, Great Plain Operator Theory Symposium (GPOTS) 2009. Boulder, CO.

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