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Tau function and additional symmetries of q-mKP hierarchy

田可雷 副教授(合肥工业大学)
Friday, August 7th, 2020, 4:00 PM  腾讯会议ID:795 506 333
*主持人:陈勇 教授
*时间:2020年8月7日 16:00-17:00
*地点:腾讯会议ID:795 506 333


In the talk, we will show you some results on nonlocal symmetries and their applications. Sato theory, developed by Mikio Sato and his school in Kyoto, contains many interesting mathematical structures and in particular provides the construction of hierarchies of soliton equations, written in terms of tau-functions depending on infinite number of independent variables. In this talk, the tau function and additional symmetries of q-mKP hierarchy are introduced.
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