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The Department of Mathematics was founded in 1951, and the Institute of Mathematics was founded in 1994. In 1996, the Department was listed as a national base for science research and personnel training and now it is well known as a base in mathematical instruction, research and teacher education. It offers two 4 years undergraduate programs, 5 Master programs and 3 Ph.D. programs, and accepts postdoctoral research affiliated to the Department. There are the Mathematics Teaching Technology Center and the Mathematics Teaching editorial board, served for the mathematical education.

Through the years, the faculty has grown into a well-balanced team in age and speciality, with the middle-aged and younger members as its core. The Department of Mathematics currently comprises 85 faculty and 10 staff members. Among the faculty member there are 21 full professors (of which 11 are doctoral supervisors), 34 associate professors.

Some middle-aged and younger mathematicians such as Wang Jianpan, Shi Jianyi, Tan Shenli, forms an influential doctor group in our country. More than seven people have been invited by some famous international mathematics centers such as Prinston Advanced Academy.The Functional analysis expert, mathematics educationalist, and mathematics history expert Professor Zhang Dianzhou is elected as an academician of European and Asian Academy of Science. Since 1980's, a group of young scholars distributed in various specialities, with outstanding scholastic achievements, who are active in thought and ever bringing youth and spirit to the department.

Through these years, the Math Dept. has brought up more than 4000 B.Sc. and several hundred of M.Sc and Ph.D. Our graduates, known for their sound foundation, strictness and broad scope, are welcom at all posts and have grown up to be the mainstays. Among them are a group of scholar-administrators, famous professors, doctoral supervisors as well as promising mathematicians.

Both the teaching work and research work are successful through the six years. Many works have been published, including 23 special works, 5 translated works, 15 educational material, and more than 400 papers have been published. The department has received a great number of research grants, including 1 973 key project, 21 National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, 14 ministry or provincial goverment funded projects. The researchers of the department have made great achievements. They have won many prizes, including 1 second class prize, 3 third class prizes from the State Award for Natural Science, 2 S.S. Chern Award in Mathematics, 3 first class prizes from the State Commission Award for Science and Techonology Progress, 3 Qiushi prizes and more than 20 prizes from other ministries.

The Department is well equipped with a library and a computer laboratory. The library books 180 foreign journals, 90 Chinese journals, including more than 20 journals about mathematical education and history of science. It also has 296 foreign journals since 60's. The library has more than 20,000 books in all.

There are more than 70 computers in the lab connected with Internet through campus net and another computer lab for postgraduate students. The CAI lab has been set up and will be equipped better recently.

Department Administration

Department Administration

Department Party Secretary: 

Yang, Danping


Tan, Shengli

Department Deputy Party Secretary: 

Jia, Zhi


Lu Changhong、Wen, Yuliang  


Director of Institute of Mathematics: 

Stephen S.T.Yau (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago)

Vice-director of Institute of Mathematics: 

Shen, Chun-li
Shi, Jianyi
Tan, Shengli(Deputy)

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