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Some hyperbolic equations with geometric background

黄守军 教授(安徽师范大学)
Friday, July 31st, 2020, 9:00 AM  腾讯会议ID:831 510 257
*主持人:袁海荣 教授
*时间:2020年7月31日 9:00-10:00
*地点:腾讯会议ID:831 510 257

黄守军,博士,安徽师范大学数学系教授,主要从事偏微分方程理论及其应用方面的研究, 特别是对物理时空中的极值曲面方程、双曲平均曲率流、弹性材料中非线性波的传播等做出了有特色的成果。

In this talk, we would like to talk about some hyperbolic equations arising naturally in geometry. The talk is two-fold. First, we will discuss the extremal surfaces with vanishing mean curvature in Minkowski space. The governing equations are of hyperbolic, due to the induced metric is Lorentzian. Some basics and progress will be reviewed. Second, we shall focus on the mean curvature flow of hyperbolic type, which is very different from the classical parabolic mean curvature flow. The results on the motion of plane curves and hypersurfaces will be highlighted. The difficulties and some problems will also be addressed.
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