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Robust algorithms for solving inverse problems of control theory

Alexander V. ILIN(Moscow State University)
Wednesday, June 17th, 2020, 3:00 PM  zoom ID:897 5996 6959
主持人:倪明康 教授
直播平台:zoom ID:897 5996 6959 密码:120462

报告人介绍:Il'in A.教授是世界著名控制问题专家。1997年留校工作后由于出色的科研工作荣获杰青奖。为表彰Il'in A.教授在研究不确定条件下系统的能控,能观性和鲁棒稳定性方面做出的突出贡献,2001年欧洲科学院授予了他优秀科技工作奖。Il'in A.教授带领他的团队攻克了机器人自动化控制方面的一系列难题荣获俄罗斯科学院科研工作创作奖。由于他在控制领域富有创造性的工作和取得的丰硕成果,2010年当选为莫斯科大学最年轻的俄罗斯科学院通讯院士。

报告内容摘要:There was obtained an exhaustive solution to one of the problems of inverse dynamics ? to the problem of robust inversion of dynamical systems, i.e., to the task of the real-time restoring of an unknown input function of the given dynamical system, also under the presence of an uncertainty. This problem was solved by constructing of an auxiliary dynamical systems which are called inverters.
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