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Intervention-based research in mathematics classrooms

Andreas Stylianides 准教授(剑桥大学)
Tuesday, May 14th, 2019, 2:00 PM  闵行数学楼102报告厅
报告人简介:Andreas Stylianides博士是剑桥大学数学教育专业准教授(Reader)和剑桥修斯霍尔学院院士(Fellow of Cambridge’s Hughes Hall College)研究员。Stylianides博士在密西根大学(the University of Michigan)获得博士学位,曾在加州大学伯克利分校从事博士后研究,之后,曾在牛津大学担任学术研究员。他目前在剑桥大学担任数学教育研究组负责人和教育学院教学事务主管。Stylianides博士的研究致力于理解和处理数学课堂实践中的问题,特别是学生对证明、问题解决和代数思维中基本数学概念的学习问题。他在数学教育等领域发表过许多论著,包括牛津大学出版社和斯普林格出版的研究专著;并且,他已经在10个不同的国家发表了30个邀请演讲(包括主旨演讲)。他在欧洲和国际研究会议中曾是重要专题研究小组的负责人,并在知名研究期刊中编辑了数期特刊。他是三个主流研究期刊的编辑委员会成员,挪威科技大学的客座教授,而且于2007年凭“中小学数学的证明(Proof and Proving in School Mathematics)”一文获得美国教育研究协会出版奖。
Mathematics education research has documented and cast light on the processes underpinning various problems of students’ learning, but has paid less emphasis on intervening upon such problems to generate possible solutions. Furthermore, most of the available interventions in mathematics classrooms have long duration, which poses significant challenges for their adoption and scaling up. In this talk I will discuss the importance of classroom-based interventions of short duration that can help alleviate significant problems of students’ learning in mathematics classrooms. Also I will illustrate the possibility of designing such interventions by using findings pertaining to an intervention in the area of proof, which was trialed in two design experiments (one at the university level and another at the secondary school level).

主持人:范良火 教授
主办单位:数学科学学院 科技处
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