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Heegaard floer homology and fundamental groups

王家军 (北京大学)
Saturday, June 6th, 2020, 2:00 PM  ZOOM会议 ID: 274 175 4144
报告时间:2020年6月6日 14:00-15:00
报告平台:ZOOM会议 ID: 274 175 4144 ,密码:930643
报告人简介:王家军 国家杰出青年获得者
The geometrization theorem implies that the fundamental group of a 3-manifold determines the 3-manifold, except the lens space. However, the direct relation between Floer homology and the fundamental group remains open.
In this talk, we will talk about how to read the floer homology from its fundamental group for certain knots.
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