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Berge conjecture for tunnel number one knots

Tao Li Professor(Boston College)
Saturday, May 30th, 2020, 8:00 AM  ZOOM会议
主持人:邱瑞锋 教授
报告时间:2020年5月30日 8:00
报告平台:ZOOM会议 ID: 274 175 4144 ,密码:930643
报告人简介:Tao Li Professor in Boston College AMS Fellow;2014 Seoul ICM 45min Invited Speaker ;Simons Fellowship; Liftoff Fellowship, Clay Mathematics Institute;Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship.
报告内容摘要: Let K be a tunnel number one knot in M, where M is either S3, S2×S1, or a connected sum of S2×S1with a lens space. We prove that if a Dehn surgery on K yields a lens space, then K is a doubly primitive knot in M. For M =S3, this resolves the tunnel number one Berge Conjecture. For M =S2×S1, this resolves a conjecture of Greene and Baker-Buck-Lecuona for tunnel number one knots. This is joint work with Yoav Moriah and Tali Pinsky.
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