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Finite p-groups of birational automorphisms and a characterization of rational varieties

许劲松 博士(西交利物浦大学)
Thursday, April 30th, 2020, 1:30 PM  腾讯会议 房间号:487 153 450
报告人简介: 许劲松博士,2013年于复旦大学获得博士学位,导师为陈猛教授,2013年至2015年在中国科学院数学研究所担任博士后,从2015年起任职于西交利物浦大学。许劲松博士的主要研究方向为双有理几何。

报告内容简介: We study finite $p$-subgroups of birational automorphism groups. We prove that there exists a constant $R(n)$ such that a rationally connected variety of dimension n over an algebraically closed field is rational if its birational automorphism group contains a $p$-subgroups of maximal rank for $p>R(n)$. We will also discuss some related questions on finite p-groups.

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