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Professional Competencies of (Prospective) Mathematics Teachers: an overview on the current discussion and results of Chinese-German comparative studies

Gabriele Kaiser教授(德国汉堡大学)
Monday, March 25th, 2019, 9:30 AM  闵行数学楼401报告厅
Gabriele Kaiser教授,国际著名数学教育家,德国汉堡大学教育学院教授,现任国际数学教育杂志《ZDM Mathematics Education》主编,澳大利亚天主教大学学习科学与教师教育研究所教授级研究员,国际教育评价组织“数学教师教育研究项目”(IEA Teacher Education Study in Mathematics, TEDS-M)的主要负责人。曾任2016年第13届国际数学教育大会(ICME-13)召集人。研究领域涵盖教师教育和教师专业发展的实证研究、学校数学建模及其应用、数学教育国际比较研究、数学教育中性别与文化研究。 同时,Kaiser教授还是亚洲数学教育中心首届国际顾问委员会成员。

Recent research on the professional competencies of mathematics teachers, which has been carried out during the last decade, is characterized by different theoretical approaches on the conceptualization and evaluation of teachers’ professional competencies, namely cognitive versus situated approaches. Building on the international IEA “Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics” (TEDS-M) and its Follow-up study, TEDS-FU, the lecture compares cognitive and situated approaches on professional competencies of teachers. In TEDS-FU the cognitive oriented framework of TEDS-M has been enriched by a situated orientation including the novice-expert framework and the noticing concept as theoretical approaches on the analyses of classroom situations. Correspondingly, the evaluation instruments were extended by using video-vignettes for assessing teachers’ perception, interpretation and decision-making competencies in addition to cognitive oriented knowledge tests. The lecture discusses the different kinds of theoretical frameworks and the consequences for the evaluation methods, the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches. Furthermore, results of an adaptation of the instruments of TEDS-FU to a Chinese sample of practicing teachers will be presented. After a discussion of the complexity of this adaptation process comparative results concerning the competence of teachers’ noticing of Chinese and German teachers will be presented.

主持人: 范良火 教授
主办单位:数学科学学院 科技处
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