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Reducing Homological Conjectures by n-Recollements

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019, 1:30 PM  闵行数学楼126室
摘要: n-recollements of triangulated categories and n-derived-simple algebras are introduced. The relations between the n-recollements of derived categories of algebras and the Cartan determinants, homological smoothness and Gorensteinness of algebras respectively are clarified. As applications, the Cartan determinant conjecture is reduced to 1-derived-simple algebras, and the Gorenstein symmetry conjecture is reduced to 2-derived-simple algebras.
报告人简介: 秦永云博士2015年博士毕业于中科院, 导师韩阳研究员,现为曲靖师范学院讲师。主要研究导出范畴与同调猜想的约化。
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