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Meaning and engagement in mathematical learning and teaching: roles for the computer?

Professor Richard Noss (UCL Institute of Education, University College London, UK)
Wednesday, October 24th, 2018, 2:00 PM  闵行数学楼102报告厅
理查德 ?诺斯(Richard Noss)是伦敦大学学院教育学院数学教育教授。他是伦敦大学为基地的伦敦知识实验室的创始主任,该实验室是一个跨学科实验室,旨在探索数字技术学习的未来。他曾担任英国政府资助的技术促进学习研究计划的主任。他也曾担任欧盟万花筒卓越网络的科学副主管。诺斯教授拥有纯数学硕士学位和数学教育博士学位。他是英国社会科学院院士和数学及其应用研究所的特邀研究员(Fellow),也是保加利亚数学家联盟的外国研究员和奖章获得者。诺斯教授是国际数学学习计算机杂志的前主编。诺斯教授的研究一直专注于数学和编程之间的关系,他于1996年合作撰写了著作《Windows的数学意义:学习文化和计算机》。他最近的《改善工作中的数学》一书对关系到21世纪的工作世界的数学知识和技能提出质疑,并研究如何在迅速变化的新技术和全球化背景下,在工作场所使用数学。
There is a fundamental difficulty in the learning and teaching of mathematics. First there is the problem of representation. Students often have difficulty in seeing and constructing meaning out of the symbols and the rules for their transformation. And second, is the problem of engagement. It is not so easy to give students interesting and non-trivial problems that they can solve, and which simultaneously involve the exactness of thinking that is required to build mathematical learning out of literally nothing. I have spent my whole working life trying to rise to these challenges, and in particular, seeing how the computer can help. After a brief history of these attempts, I will outline the latest research possibilities with artificial intelligence.

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