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Spin nilHecke algebras of classical type

Prof. Weiqiang Wang(王伟强教授)
Friday, June 23rd, 2017, 9:00 AM  数学系401报告厅

主办单位:数学系 科技处

王伟强教授任职于美国弗吉尼亚大学数学系,是国际上极具影响力的表示论研究专家。他的重要工作发表在《Inv. Math.》, 《Duke Math. J.》等诸多数学顶级杂志上,总被引次数过千。他还著有Graduate Studies in Mathematics系列第144卷 《Dualities and representations of Lie superalgebras》。同时王伟强教授还担任国际一流数学期刊 《Int. Math. Res. Not.》 的编委。

We study the spin nilHecke algebras of type B/D, which differ from the usual nilHecke algebras by some odd signs. The type A/B spin nilHecke algebra is a nil version of the spin type A/B Hecke algebra introduced earlier by the speaker and Khongsap, but not for the type D one. Using odd Demazure operators, we construct faithful polynomial representations of the nilHecke, formulate the spin Schubert polynomials, and then show that the spin nilHecke algebras are matrix algebras with entries in spin symmetric polynomials. All these results have their counterparts for the usual nilHecke algebras over the rational field. Our work is a generalization of results of Lauda and Ellis-Khovanov-Lauda in usual/spin type A. This is joint work with Ian Johnson (undergraduate at Virginia).

主持人: 罗栗 副教授
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