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Twisted Lefschetz number formulas and p-adic trace formulas

项征御 博士(上海数学中心)
Friday, May 5th, 2017, 1:30 PM  闵行数学楼401报告厅

摘要:We first introduce Arthur's formula for L^2 Lefschetz numbers of Hecke operators, and show it can be interpolated p-adically. For a reductive group which is anisotropic at infinite, we then give an explicit formula for twisted Lefschetz numbers and show it can also be interpolated p-adically.
Those p-adic interpolations give a p-adic trace formula theory parallel to the theory of Arthur-Clozel.

个人简介:项征御毕业于哥伦比亚大学,师从Urban教授. 研究领域为代数数论,研究方向为 p-adic 自守形式和p-进迹公式。

He obtained his PhD degree in Mathematics from Columbia University, where he studied p-adic automorphic forms and eigenvariety theory under the advisor of Professor Eric Urban. He was a Hedrick assistant professor in UCLA and worked with Professor Haruzo Hida. Now he is a young investigator at Fudan University, Shanghai Center for Mathematical Science.
His research interests include Number Theory, p-adic automorphic forms and p-adic trace formulas.

邀请人: 谢兵永
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