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How to Conduct Mathematics Education Research at HKU: sharing my PhD programme on the professional learning of beginning mathematics teachers

Monday, January 1st, 2018, 9:30 AM  华东师范大学

摘要:In this presentation, I would like to share my PhD study experience at the University of Hong Kong, which is a world's top university specialise in Education (QS ranking 7st in 2017, and 6st in 2016). My study aims to investigate the professional learning process that the beginning mathematics teachers experienced in the early stage of their career in situated context, with a longitudinal case study approach. It considers teachers’ professional learning as a complex and dynamic system that involves the interactions among teacher experiences, beliefs, knowledge and teaching practice in the individual teacher subsystem, and the interactions between the subsystem of the teacher and the school. Employing mainly a qualitative research method (including interviews, classroom observations and related documents) to analyse the data set of three teacher cases working in different high schools, the study finds that all of the beginning teachers consistently conducted teacher-centred, content-focused and performance-oriented teaching practice, while they underwent different changes in teacher beliefs and knowledge. Variations were also detected in the teachers’ professional learning process due to the differences in their experiences, contextual supports and constraints as well as the interactions among teacher experiences, beliefs, knowledge and teaching practice. Based on these, the study concludes that context exerts a significant influence on the beginning teachers’ professional learning through related bottom-up norms and top-down laws. It implies that effective teacher development need take into consideration the idiosyncratic characteristics of individual teachers and the influences of situated context.



邀请人: 吴颖康
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