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Complex Modeling Problems in Autonomous Co-operative Learning Environments

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kaiser
Monday, January 1st, 2018, 9:30 AM  华东师范大学
报告人:Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kaiser


题目:Complex Modeling Problems in Autonomous Co-operative Learning Environments

After an overview of the recent international discussion about modelling in mathematics education, describing different perspectives on modelling around the world, this address will concentrate on the approach of dealing with complex authentic modelling problems in learning environments, which are based on autonomous and self-regulated group-work. Various modelling projects will be presented such as modelling days or modelling weeks for lower and upper secondary level (with students being 15-18 years old), in which complex examples have been worked out, for example, optimal positioning of rescue helicopters, optimal design of bus stops, optimal design of wind parks or chlorination of swimming pools. Students’ modelling attempts of these will be presented including the students’ evaluation on it. In addition this address will reflect on the other characteristic of these modelling projects, namely the self-regulated and autonomous co-operative learning environment, in which the students work in small groups with only little support by teachers or tutors. This address will reflect on necessary conditions for these kinds of learning environments such as fostering of meta-reflection and the possibility of various kinds of minimal support by the teachers such as motivational or strategic meta-cognitive measures. First empirical results of an empirical study will be presented.
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