International Conference on
Complex Geometry and Several Complex Variables
(East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, May 11 - 15, 2015)
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  Dan Burns   University of Michigan
 Bo-Yong Chen   (Tongji University,China)
 Dan Coman   (Syracuse University)
 Jean-Pierre Demailly   (University of Grenoble I,France)
 Tien-Cuong Dinh   (University of Paris VI-Jussieu)
 Peter Ebenfelt   (University of California,San Diago)
  Lawrence Ein   (University of Illinois at Chicago)
 Siqi Fu   (Rutgers University,Camden)
 Xianghong Gong   (University of Wisconcin-Madison)
 Vincent Guedj   (University of Toulouse)
 Ilya Kossovsky   (University of Vienna,Austria)
 Uros Kuzman   (University of Ljubljana)
 Songying Li   (University of California,Irvin)
 Ngaiming Mok   (University of Hong Kong)
 Sui-Chung Ng   (East China Normal University)
 Junjiro Noguchi   (University of Tokyo)
 Takeo Ohsawa   (Nagoya University)
 Jean Ruppenthal   (University of Wuppertal,Germany)
 Giueseppe della Sala   (University of Vienna,Austria)
  Mei-Chi Shaw   (University of Notre Dame)
 Bernard Shiffman   (Johns Hopkins University)
 Yum-Tong Siu   (Harvard University)
 Sai Kee Yeung   (Purdue University)
 Xiangyu Zhou   (Chinese Academy of Sciences,China)


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