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Master Programs and Ph.D. Programs
Reform on the graduate study program has been initiated in recent years aiming at enlarging the scope of knowledge. The first years graduate students in the basic math speciality have been required to take all basic math courses irrespective of his direction of research. A test of comprehensive ability is held in the second year for the qualification of Ph.D. study, which will begin from the third year. The others will continue on their lines of interest with thesis to fulfil the requirements of the M.Sc. degree. Such reformed programs will in time be carried out in the other M.Sc. programs.

The list of M.Sc. and Ph.D. Programs with directions of research:
Common Courses:
  Real and complex analysis, Basic algebra, Basic differential geometry, Basic differential functions, Matrix, Applied functional analysis, Basic probability theory.

M.Sc. and Ph.D. Programs in Pure Mathematics:
Commutative algebra and basic of algebraic geometry, Lie algebras and their representations, Hopf algebras, Algebraic groups and their representations, Quantum groups, Rremannian geometry, Geometry of fiber bundle, Yang-Mills gauge theory, Homological algebras, Operator algebras, Theory of algebraic surfaces, Low-dimensional manifolds topology, Bifurcation theory and chaos, Differential dynamic system, Advanced functional analysis, Banach space geometry.etc.

M.Sc. Programs in Applied Mathematics:
  Bifurcation theory and chaos, Advanced ODE, Differential dynamic systems, Nonlinear evolution equations, Nonlinear wave and soliton, Mordern qppliedl PDE, Ellipic PDE, Parabolic PDE, Introduction to nonlinear analysis, Introduction to harmonic analysis, Advanced bifurcation theory, Mordern nonlinear equations, Random differential equations, Basic mathematical economics, Introduction to financial mathematics, etc.

M.Sc. Programs in Computational Mathematics:
  Difference mothods of differential equations, Finite element mithod, Spectral methods, Iterative solution of large linear system, Matrix caculation, Generalized inverse matrix, Large-scale scientific computation, Network parallel computation, Parallel algorithm, etc.

M.Sc. Programs in Operational Research and Control Theory:
  Probability theory, Optimum control and filtering, Applied functional analysis, Modern probability theory, Linear system theory, Nonlinear system theory, Graph theory, Combinatorial mathematics, Algebraic graph theory, Self-adaptive control, Random control system, etc.

M.Sc. programs in Mathematical Education and History of Mathematics:
 Modern mathematics and middle school mathematics, Theory of mathematical education, Measurement and assement in mathematical education, Theory of mathematical curriculums, Teaching methods of mathematics, Mathematical philosophy, History of mathematics, Mathematical competitions, etc.

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