Special Week on Operator Algebras 2021

Notice:   The meeting has been completed on schedule, please click "Schedule & Abstracts" to download the video lectures. Welcome back to "Special Week on Operator Algebras" next year.


We are pleased to announce that the 2021 edition of Special Week on Operator Algebras will be held in the Research Center for Operator Algebras, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, from June 7 to June 11, 2021.


Time:   June 7 (Monday) – June 11 (Friday), 2021

Location of the conference:  

The Zoom meeting ID is 810 3619 7947, Password:202106.

Offline conference room: 文附楼 402(Wednesday)、文附楼405(Thursday).

Here is the conference manual in pdf(Click the below date for the file) :


Huaxin Lin (University of Oregon),

Qin Wang (East China Normal University),

Hang Wang (East China Normal University),

Jianchao Wu (Texas A&M University).

Confirmed Speakers:

Siegfried Echterhoff (University of Münster),

Søren Eilers (University of Copenhagen),

George Elliott (University of Toronto),

Guihua Gong (University of Puerto Rico),

Huichi Huang (Chongqing University),

Ja A Jeong (Seoul National University),

Chunlan Jiang (Hebei Normal University),

Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (University of Tokyo),

Xin Li (University of Glasgow),

Zhengwei Liu (Tsinghua University),

Magdalena Musat (University of Copenhagen).

Zhuang Niu (University of Wyoming),

Chi-Keung Ng (Nankai University),

Ping Wong Ng (University of Louisiana at Lafayette),

Piotr Nowak (University of Warsaw),

Valerio Proietti (East China Normal University),

Mikael Rørdam (University of Copenhagen),

Yasuhiko Sato (Kyushu University),

Yanli Song (Washington University in St.Louis),

Aaron Tikuisis ((University of Ottawa).

Hang Wang (East China Normal University).

Rufus Willett (University of Hawaii),

Jianchao Wu (Texas A&M University),

Guoliang Yu (Texas A&M University),

Jiawen Zhang (Fudan University).

Questions regarding the conference be sent to jlji@math.ecnu.edu.cn.