Graduate Forum on Operator Algebras

Nathanial P. Brown (Penn State University),

Hui Li (East China Normal University),

Huaxin Lin (East China Normal University),

Ryszard Nest (University of Copenhagen),

Yasuhiko Sato (Kyoto University),

Karen Strung (Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences),

Michael Sun (University of Muenste),

Wei Sun (University of Muenste),

Qin Wang (East China Normal University).

Dapeng Zhou (East China Normal University).


Date Time Place Speaker Title


9:30-10:30 A1510 Nathanial P. Brown  TBA
  10:40-11:40 A1510 Huaxin Lin A brief introduction to the Basic Homotopy Lemma


14:00-15:00 A1510

Xuanlong Fu

(PhD Student)

East China Normal University

Tracial topological rank of simple C*-algebras
  15:00-16:00 A1510

Baojie Jiang

(PhD Student)

Fudan University

Property T for discrete groupoids
  16:00-17:00 A1510

Botao Long

(PhD Student)

East China Normal University

Quantization and quantum Gromov-Hausdorff convergences


9:30-10:30 A1510 Karen Strung Minimal dynamics and the Jiang-Su algebra
  10:40-11:40 A1510 Qin Wang Band truncation approximation for opeartors in uniform Roe algebras of discrete groups


14:00-15:00 A1510

Jiawen Zhang

(PhD Student)

Fudan University

(Straight) Finite Decomposition Complexity for Residually Finite Groups and their Box Spaces


15:00-16:00 A1510

Zhen Wang

(PhD Student)

East China Normal University

coarse embedding  and fibred coarse embedding into Hilber space

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