Special Sessions
Special Session
  Sessions Organizors
1 Function Spaces and Operator Theory Kunyu Guo
Dechao Zheng 
2 Free Analysis and Free Real Algebraic Geometry J. William Helton
Igor Klep 
Victor Vinnikov
3 Infinite Dimension Systems and Wavelets Marcin Bownik
Xingde Dai 
 Qiyu Sun
4 Multivariable Operator Theory Joseph A. Ball
Ronald G. Douglas
Rongwei Yang
5 Non-Commutative Geometry Rufus Willett
Xiang Tang
Zhizhang Xie
Yi-Jun Yao
6 Operator Spaces and Harmonic Analysis Guixiang Hong
Zhong-Jin Ruan
Quanhua Xu
7  Operator Theory and Quantum Information Man-Duen Choi
Hugo J. Woerdeman
8 Operator Theory on Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces Raul E. Curto
Nikolai L. Vasilevski
Karlovich Alexei Yur'evich
9 Panel Discussion: Women in Mathematics Hang Wang
10 Special Week on Operator Algebras George Elliott
Guihua Gong
Zhuang Niu
11 Spectral Theory and Differential Operators Jussi Behrndt
Olaf Post
Carsten Trunk
12 Graduate Student Forum Hang Wang

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