Helton-Howe Trace, Connes-Chern Character, and Quantization

Xiang Tang  (Washington University in St.Louis)

13:30-14:30£¨July 29th£¨2024    Tian Jiabing Building 323


In the early 70s, Helton and Howe proved a beautiful formula for the trace of commutators of Toeplitz operators. In the 80s, Connes greatly generalized the Helton-Howe trace formula using cyclic cohomology. And the Connes-Chern character contains the Helton-Howe trace as the top degree component. In this talk, we will study the Connes-Chern character for the Toeplitz extension from the viewpoint of quantization by extending the Helton-Howe trace computation to semicommutators. As an outcome, we will establish the Helton-Howe trace formula for Toeplitz operators with $C^2$-symbols for all weighted Bergman spaces. This talk is based on joint work with Yi Wang and Dechao Zheng.

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