Simplicity of crossed products by FC-hypercentral groups

Shirley Geffen  (Universitat Mnster)

14:00-15:00,August 4,2023   ĸ¥ (Wenfu Building) 219


Results from a few years ago of Kennedy and Schafhauser attempt to characterize simplicity of reduced crossed products, under an assumption which they call vanishing obstruction. However, this is a strong condition that often fails, even in cases of finite groups acting on finite dimensional C*-algebras. In this work, we give complete C*-dynamical characterization, of when the crossed product is simple, in the setting of FC-hypercentral groups. This is a large class of amenable groups that, in the finitely-generated setting, is known to coincide with the set of groups with polynomial growth. This is joint work with Dan Ursu.

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