The K-theory for l^p uniform Roe algebras

Jianguo Zhang  (Shaanxi Normal University)

15:25-16:25,August 4,2023   ĸ¥ (Wenfu Building) 219


Given a discrete metric space X with bounded geometry, we can associate it with a C*-subalgebra of B(l^2 (X)), called the uniform Roe algebra of X which plays an important role in higher index theory. For any 1p<, we can similarly consider the l^p uniform Roe algebra of X as a Banach subalgebra of B(l^p (X)). A natural question is if the K-theory of l^p uniform Roe algebras depends on p? In this talk, we will study this question for metric spaces which admit a coarse embedding into Hilbert space. This is a joint work with Dapeng Zhou.

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