Projective Hilbert Modules

Huaxin Lin 林华新  (East China Normal University)

11:00-12:00, December 20, 2022   Tencent Meeting ID: 715 6327 1242


This is Lecture 4 of the lecture series. The notion of a Hilbert C*-module is a generalization of the notion of a Hilbert space. The first use of such objects was made by I. Kaplansky. The research on Hilbert C*-modules began in the 70’s in the work of the induced representations of C*-algebras by M. A. Rieffel and the doctoral dissertation of W. L. Paschke. It is also used to study Morita equivalence of C*-algebras, KK-theory of C*-algebras, operator K-theory, C*-algebra quantum group and theory of operator spaces. In this lecture series, I would like to revisit the theory of Hilbert C*-module and discuss some of its recent exciting applications.

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