Band width from a quantitative perspective

Hao Guo 郭昊  (Tsinghua University)

10:00-11:00, November 22, 2022   Zoom Meeting ID: 270 649 9978 (Passcode: 8FcvPn)


I will discuss two approaches to estimating widths of Riemannian bands of spin manifolds in the presence of controlled scalar curvature. The first comes from the pioneering work of R. Zeidler using Callias-type operators. The second, from joint work with Z. Xie and G. Yu, uses tools from quantitative K-theory.

About the speaker:

郭昊,2018年博士毕业于澳大利亚阿德莱德大学,后于美国Texas A&M大学和阿德莱德大学工作,目前是清华大学丘成桐数学中心的tenure track助理教授。在非交换几何中有出色的工作,多篇论文发表在《Mathematische Annalen》, 《Journal of Functional Analysis》等期刊。