Exhaustive families of representations of C*-algebras and groupoid C*-algebras

Yu Qiao ÇÇÓę  ( Shaanxi Normal University)

10:00-11:00, Jan 12. 2021   Tecent Meeting : 594 853 079


We review basic representation theory of C*-algebras and introduce the notion of exhaustive families of representations of C*-algebras defined by V. Nistor and N. Prudhon in 2017. Then we go over the construction of groupoid C*-algebras given by J. Renault. Finally, we discuss applications of exhaustive families to amenability of groupoids (topologically ameneable groupoids VS metrically amenable groupoids), and coarse geometry. It is joint work in progress with Cl¨Śment DellĄŻAiera.

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