Rigidity of Lp-uniform Roe algebras

Kang Li  (IMPAN)

10:00-11:00, May 21, 2019   Science Building A510


l^2 uniform Roe algebras are C*-algebras associated to discrete metric spaces and they encode the coarse (or large-scale) geometry of the underlying metric spaces, and they have been well-studied, providing a link between coarse geometry of metric spaces and operator algebra theory. In this talk, I will present some very recent work on the rigidity problem of l^p-uniform Roe algebras for p in [1,\infty). Using Lamperti's theorem, the rigidity problem has been completely settled by Yeong Chyuan Chung and me when p is different from 2. If time permits, I will discuss on the p=2 case and raise some relevant open questions.

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