A Quasi-Local Characterisation of Roe Algebras

Jiawen Zhang ¼

10:00-11:00, Dec 25, 2018   ĸ¥ 202


Roe algebras are C*-algebras associated to metric spaces, which encode their large scale structure. These algebras play a central role, bridging geometry, topology and analysis together. Recently, Spakula and Tikuisis gave a new quasi-local perspective on Roe algebras, provided the underlying spaces have straight finite decomposition complexity. In this talk, I will introduce the related notions and history, and show our strengthened result under a weaker condition, Yu's Property A. If time permits, I will also introduce their l^p-analog for p\in \{0\} \cup [1,\infty]. This is a joint work with Jan Spakula.

About the speaker:

University of Southampton