A survey of recent results concerning simple separable amenable C*-algebras

George A. Elliott 院士  (University of Toronto)

10:00-11:00 July 5, 2018   Science Building A508


An enormous amount is now known about the classification of well behaved simple separable amenable (= nuclear) C*-algebras. Some things are still not known, and the question of less well behaved members of the class is tantalizing. (The case of non-simple but still well behaved algebras is also of great interest.)

About the speaker:

George A. Elliott教授是C*-代数分类理论的开创者,是国际算子代数及其应用领域的领袖人物。 他提出了著名的“Elliott分类纲领”(也称为“Elliott猜想”),数十年来引领和极大地推动了C*-代数理论的发展。1982年,George A. Elliott教授当选加拿大皇家科学院院士; 1994年,被邀请在苏黎世国际数学家大会(ICM)上做报告; 1996年获得CRM-Fields Institute奖;1998年获得 Jeffery–Williams奖;1999年获得 John L. Synge Award奖;2008年,当选丹麦皇家科学院外籍院士;2012年,当选美国数学会首届会士。