Self-Similar k-Graph C*-Algebras

Hui Li   (ECNU)

14:00 - 15:00, April 20, 2018   Science Building A1510


Nekrashevych used C*-algebras to study self-similar groups. Exel and Pardo generalized self-similar groups to actions on directed graphs and they defined the so called "Exel-Pardo algebra" which is a generalization of Nekrashevych's construction. Simple Exel-Pardo algebras include all unital simple separable amenable purely infinite C*-algebras with UCT. We introduce self-similar actions on k-graphs and their associated C*-algebras. We present some new examples arising from the high dimensional phenomenon. Finally we report some properties of this class of C*-algebras. This is joint work with Dilian Yang.

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