Constructive Renormalization of the Matrix and Tensor models with Loop Vertex Expansions

Zhituo Wang  (University of Paris-sud 11)

15:20 pm to 16:10 pm, June 2nd, 2015   Science Building A510


Constructive physics is to study the nonperturbative properties of Quantum field theories. The aim is to build the exact Euclidean Green's functions whose Taylor expansions are the perturbative Quantum field theories. The traditional methods in constructive physics are the cluster and Mayer expansions. While they have been very successful for treating commutative quantum field theories, like the $\Phi^4$ model in various spatial dimensions, they are not suitable for quantum field theories with nonlocal interactions.

Recently a new method, called the Loop Vertex expansion (LVE), has been developed to solve this diculty. In this talk I shall brie y introduce the idea of LVE and its application to the study of the random matrix models and tensor models.

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