On ordered Bratteli diagrams -- III

Wei Sun

10:00 am to 11:00 am, Dec 11st, 2013   Science Building A1510


We will start with the idea of Bratteli-Vershik model (roughly speaking, certain sequence of Kakutani-Rokhlin towers) for minimal Cantor dynamical systems (in fact, similar things hold for $k$-simple Cantor dynamics). Then we will show that given one such Bratteli-Vershik model as above, we can recover an ordered Bratteli diagram whose corresponding Cantor dynamics is "conjugate" to the original one.

The main thing (read: not-so-trivial math) in this talk is how to construct the ordered Bratteli diagram from the B-V model. Most of the stuff in this talk can be found in the work of Vershik, Putnam, etc.

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