Special Week on Operator Algebras 2024

Organized and sponsored by the Research Center for Operator Algebra at East China Normal University, the Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences, and the Shanghai Institute for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences.

We are pleased to announce that the 2024 edition of Special Week on Operator Algebras will be held in the Research Center for Operator Algebras, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, from July 29 to August 2, 2024.


Time:   July 29 (Monday) – August 2 (Friday), 2024

Location of the conference:

Offline: 田家炳楼323(Tian Jiabing Building 323)

Online: ZOOM: 875 8150 5015 Password: 982213 (Only for one or two specific talk)

Please click the following link for the meeting handbook:

Huaxin Lin (University of Oregon),

Hang Wang (East China Normal University),

Qin Wang (East China Normal University),

Jianchao Wu (Fudan University).

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Soren Eilers (University of Copenhagen),

George Elliott (University of Toronto),

Guihua Gong (University of Puerto Rico),

Leonel Robert González (University of Louisiana at Lafayette),

Masaki Izumi (Kyoto University),

Xin Ma(York University),

Magdalena Elena Musat (University of Copenhagen),

Zhuang Niu (University of Wyoing),

Ping Wong Ng (University of Louisiana at Lafayette),

N.Christopher Phillips (University of Oregon),

Sanaz Pooya (Institut für Mathematik Universität Potsdam),

Sven Raum (Institut für Mathematik Universität Potsdam),

Mikael Rørdam (University of Copenhagen),

Luis Santiago (Kyushu University),

Yasuhiko Sato (Lakehead University),

Xiang Tang (Washington University in St.Louis),

Hannes Thiel (Chalmers University),

Sihan Wei (University of Glasgow),

Wilhelm Winter (Universitat Münster),

Zhizhang Xie (Texas A&M University),

Guoliang Yu (Texas A&M University).

Questions regarding the conference can be sent to jlji@math.ecnu.edu.cn.