Special Week on Operator Algebras 2019

There are two airports in Shanghai: the HongQiao International airport and the Pudong International Airport.

From HongQiao International Airport to the ZhongShan North Road campus of ECNU:
The distance is about 7miles. You can take a taxi at the HongQiao International Airport (to ECNU). It will cost around 70 RMB(CNY), and it typically takes about 50 minutes’ for the taxi to drive from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to East China Normal University.

From Pudong International Airport to the ZhongShan North Road campus of ECNU:
The distance from Pudong International Airport to ECNU is about 32 miles. You can take a taxi, take the airport bus, take the subway or take the MagLev.

By taxi (no transfer):
It is about 1.5 hour's taxi drive from Pudong International Airport to ECNU. It will cost around 220 RMB(CNY) in the daytime and around 300 RMB(CNY) at night.

By airport bus (one transfer):
There are several airport bus lines located just outside the arrival area of Pudong International Airport. Just take Airport Bus Line No. 2 to Jing'an Temple (静安寺), which will cost around 24 RMB(CNY). After arriving at Jing'an Temple, take a taxi to ECNU, which will cost around 30 RMB(CNY).

By subway (two transfers):
Take the subway line 2 to Zhongshan Park station, then take a taxi or the bus (No. 67) to ECNU. The subway takes about 60 minutes from Pudong International airport to Zhongshan Park stop, with the fare 7 RMB(CNY). You will transfer from 4-carriage train to 8-carriage train at Guanglan Road Station. The taxi will cost you 20 RMB(CNY) for approximately 10 minutes’drive.

By MagLev (two transfers):
1. Take the Maglev train at Maglev Shanghai Pudong International Airport Station (accessible from the Pudong International Airport). The maximum speed of Maglev Train can reach up to 430km/hour in the daytime and 300 km/hour in the evening. It takes only 8 minutes from the Pudong International airport to the termination stop (Longyang Road Station), with the fare about 50RMB(CNY). The price of favorable single trip ticket would be 40 RMB(CNY) for passenger who takes air plane at the same day.
2. At Longyang Road Station (the terminal of MagLev), transfer to subway Line 2 (bound for Songhong Road) and get off at Zhongshan Park station. It takes about 40 minutes from Longyang Road station to the Zhongshan Park stop, with the fare about 4 RMB(CNY).
3. At Zhongshan Park station, take a taxi to the main/front gate of ECNU. (about 10 minutes' travel, costing around 20 RMB(CNY)).