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Sheng-Li Tan                                                                    
Professor of Mathematics
Cheung Kong Chair Professor 
Office: Room A1517 Science Building
Tel: 0086-21-62233061
Fax: 0086-21-62232371
Mail: Department of Mathematics
East China Normal University
Shanghai 200062, P. R. of China        

Ph.D.:  East China Normal University, 1991
M.S.:   East China Normal University, 1989
B.S.:    Hubei University, 1984

Editor of JP Journal of Algebra and Number Theory

Research Interests

  • Fibered algebraic surfaces with a small genus 
  • Moduli space of cuspidal curves on an algebraic surface
  • Cayley-Bacharach property and applications
  • Rank two vector bundles and binary cubic forms over a ring
  • Application of triple covers
  • Linear systems on algebraic surfaces

2000 ICTP Prize (in Honour of Prof. F. Hirzebruch) 

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