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[1] Adaptive Output-feedback Tracking Control for Uncertain Nonlinear System,IEEE Catalog Number:04EX920C, 2004.12 
[2] 基于差错控制的图像水印算法,计算机工程,2003.5
[3] 长江口河水氯离子浓度指标值的建模与预报,华东师大学报, 2003.2
[4] 城市交通研究中的系统科学方法,系统工程理论方法应用,2002.9
[5] 模糊规则的学习方法和推理策略,计算机科学, 2002.9
[6] Dynamic modeling and forcasting for the Chlorine ion’density in the waters of the Yangtze river estuary,IEEE Catalog Number:02EX560C, 2002.6
[7] ELS-Based Adaptive Trackers for Bilinear Stochastic Systems, IEEE Catalog Number:02EX560C,2002.6
[8] Complete Linearization and Tracking Control for Nonlinear Discrete-time Systems, IEEE Catalog Number:02EX560C,2002.6
[9] Automaticlly Creating Fuzzy Rule and Its Learning Method, IEEE Catalog Number:02EX560C, 2002.6
[10] 瑞丰沙嘴水域不宜取水最长连续天数预测的谱分析方法,华东师大学报, 2002.4

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