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Undergraduate Programs
The Department has a tradition of good scholarship, serious, truthful and practical, putting emphasis on preparing the students mathematically and professionally for the teaching vocation. Classroom instruction, teaching administration and curriculum development are the 3 keys to heighten the quality of schooling. The core courses in the program have been normalized and the selective couses have been sequenced to realize the growing trends of modern math, aiming at continually reforming the courses for modernization, applicability and multidisciplinary interaction. It is the result of the above efforts that guaranteed the high quality and the adaptivity of our undergraduates which enable them to obtain their posts in the major secondary schools and enterprises and to gain fame and honor for their alma mater. The establishment of the national science base-math will bring to the Deptartment better students and equipments and will also promote the reform to further its teaching.

The goal and curriculum
For the undergraduate mathematics and applied mathematics speciality:
Students with sound foundation in basic theory, knowledge and skill in the speciality, with a wider scope of knowledge and better culture in basic math and computer applications with multiadaptability. Bring-up of mainstay teachers for colleges and secondary schools, researchers in math and neighboring specialities as well as practical workers in related aspects.

For the undergraduate information and computational science speciality:
Studets with sound foundation in basic theory, knowledge and skill in the speciality, with a good command of the computer, skilled in softwares in applied math or initiated to the basic theory of financial math, engineering, environmental protection, etc. and the related methods of math, with multiadaptability. Bring-up of researchers in applied math and practical workers of mathematical methods and applied softwares of 21st century.

Required and Selective course:
Mathematics and applied Mathematics :
Mathematical analysis, Higher algebra, Analytic geometry, Ordinary differential equations, Complex analysis, Differential geometry, Abstract algebra, Real analysis, Topology, General physics, Probability and statistics, C language, Operational research, Database, Calculating Methods, Mathematical Modeling, Discrete Mathematics, Differential Manifolds, Functional analysis, Topics of algebra, Lie algebras and their representations, Advanced ODE, Topics complex analysis, Introduction to dynamic system, Mathematical equations, Advanced differential geometry, Biomathematics, Environmental mathematical modeling,Mathematical economics, Financial mathematics, Introduction to mathematical education, Mathematical philosophy and history of mathematics, Psychology in mathematical education, Measurement and assessment in mathematical education, Survey lectures in modern mathematics, etc.

Information and computational science :
 Mathematical Analysis, Higher Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Ordinary Differential Equation, Complex Analysis, General Physics, Statistics, Probability Theory, C Language, Database, Discrete Mathematics, Partial Differential Equation, Graph Theory, Combintorial Mathmatics, Common Statistics and Software, Object Oriented Programming, Digital Signal Managament, Instruction to Information Science, Computer Graph, Mordern Coding, Fourier Transform and Wavelet, System Theory, Combintorial optimization, Optimum Network, System Engineering, Time Series Analysis, Computer Control, System Identification, Matrix Calculation, Finite Difference, Finite Element, Practical Electronics, Pascal Language

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