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Affine walled Brauer-Clifford superalgebras

Monday, January 1st, 2018, 9:30 AM  华东师范大学
摘要:In this talk, a notion of affine walled Brauer-Clifford superalgebras $BC_{r, t}^{\rm aff}$ is introduced over an arbitrary integral domain $R$ containing $2^{-1}$. These superalgebras can be considered as affinization of walled Brauer superalgebras which are introduced by Jung and Kang. By constructing infinite many homomorphisms from $BC_{r, t}^{\rm aff}$ to a class of level two walled Brauer-Clifford superagebras over $\mathbb C$, we prove that $BC_{r, t}^{\rm aff} $ is free over $R$ with infinite rank. We explain that any finite dimensional irreducible $BC_{r, t}^{\rm aff} $-module over an algebraically closed field $F$ of characteristic not $2$ factors through a cyclotomic quotient of $BC_{r, t}^{\rm aff} $, called a cyclotomic (or level $k$) walled Brauer-Clifford superalgebra $ BC_{k, r, t}$. Using a previous method on cyclotomic walled Brauer algebras, we prove that$BC_{k, r, t}$ is free over $R$ with super rank $(k^{r+t}2^{r+t-1} (r+t)!, k^{r+t}2^{r+t-1} (r+t)!)$ if and only if it is admissible. Finally, we prove that the degenerate affine walled Brauer-Clifford superalgebras defined by Comes and Kujawa are isomorphic to our affine walled Brauer-Clifford superalgebras.
This is a joint work with Mengmeng Gao, Hebing Rui and Yucai Su.
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