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Workshop on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations -China-Japan Joint Project for Young Mathematicians 2016

Monday, November 14th, 2016, 12:00 AM  华东师大中山北路校区理科大楼A510
Workshop on Nonlinear Parabolic/Elliptic Equations with Emphasis on Mathematical Spatial Ecology

Workshop on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
--China-Japan Joint Project for Young Mathematicians 2016


TIME: November 14-16, 2016.


Venue: Room 510, Science Building, Zhongshan Road Campus, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China




1.      Y. Sugiyama  (Kyushu University)

“Time Global Existence and Finite Time Blow-up Criterion for Solutions to the Keller-Segel System Coupled with Navier-Stokes Fluid”


2.      L. Zhang (Jiaotong University)  

“Uniqueness and Traveling Waves in a Cell Motility Model”


3.      K. Takasao (University of Tokyo)

“Global Existence of Weak Solutions for Volume Preserving Mean Curvature Flow”


4.      B. Lou (Shanghai Normal University) 

“The Fisher-KPP Equation with Free Boundaries in Time-Periodic Advective Environment”


5.      N. Ikoma (Kanazawa University)   

“Existence of Solutions for Scalar Field Equations Involving Fractional Operators”


6.     X.-Q. He (East China Normal University)

“Spatial Heterogeneity and Time Periodicity in Lotka-Volterra Competition-Diffusion Systems”


7.      H.-C. Li (East China Normal University)

“Qualitative Analysis on a Diffusive SIS Epidemic Model with Varying
Total Population”


8.      Y. Fujishima (Shizuoka University)

“Existence and Nonexistence of Solutions for the Heat Equation with a Superlinear Source Term”


9.      F.P. Yao (Shanghai University)

“Higher Integrability for Nonlinear Parabolic equations of p-Laplacian Type”


10.  X.-F. Xiang (Tongji University)

“On the Shape of Meissner Solutions to a Limiting Form of Ginzburg-Landau Systems”


11. T. Wakasa (Kyushu Institute of Techlonogy)

“Traveling Waves in a PDE Model of Tumour Growth”


12.  H.-Y. Chen (Jiangxi Normal University)    

“Isolated Singularities of Choquard Equations”


13.  X. Huang (East China Normal University) 

“Conformal Metrics in R2m with Constant Q-Curvature and Arbitrary Volume”


14.  Y. Zeng (East China Normal University)

“Steady States of Hall-MHD System”


15.  Z.-B. Zhang (East China Normal University)

“Existence and Regularity of Weak Solutions to a Thermoelectrical Model”





   Yoshihisa Morita, Ryukoku University, morita@rins.ryukoku.ac.jp


   Xingbin Pan, ECNU, xbpan@math.ecnu.edu.cn


   Feng Zhou, ECNU, fzhou@math.ecnu.edu.cn




   Hongyan Zhang, ECNU,


   Tel:  021-54342609



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