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Faculty Members of Math. Department
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Current Faculty Members (115 people) 

Bao, JianshengProfessorCurriculum and Instruction (Mathematics Education)Room 433, Math Building54342646-433jsbao AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Bi, PingAssociate ProfessorQualitative Theory and Bifurcation Theory in Functional Differential Equations, Mathematical BiologyRoom 109, Math Building54342646-109pbi AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Blacker, CaseyPostdoctorDifferential Geometry and Geometric Analysis0

Cao, SiyuanstaffInformation ManagerRoom 200, Math Building54342646-203sycao AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Cao, YongluoProfessorDynamical Systems and Ergodic TheoryRoom 238, Math Building54342646-328ylcao AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Chai, JunProfessorMathematics education on University level, Financial MathematicsRoom 230, Math Building54342646-230jchai AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Chen, GuoliangProfessorNumerical functional analysisRoom 429, Math Building54342646-429glchen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Chen, JundaPostdoctorLow-Dimensional Manifold 0
Chen, LinaPostdoctorDifferential geometry Room 216, math Building54342646-216Chenlina_mail AT 163.com
Chen, MiaofenAssociate ProfessorArithmetic algebraic geometryRoom 227, Math Building54342646-227mfchen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Chen, WeigangLectuerProbability Theory and StatisticsRoom 120, Math Building54342646-120wgchen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Chen, YuelanAssociate ProfessorMathematics educationRoom 207, Math Building54342646-207ylchen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Cheng, JingLectuerMathematics educationRoom 435, Math Building54342646-435jcheng AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Cheng, TaoAssociate ProfessorComplex analysis, Complex dynamic systemRoom 421, Math Building54342646-421tcheng AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Dai, HaohuiLectuerNonlinear Control TheoryRoom 224, Math Building54342646-224hhdai AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Dai, XianzheProfessorDifferential Geometry and Geometric AnalysisRoom 316, Math Building54342646-316xzdai AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
De Pauw, ThierryProfessorMathematical Analysis (Geometric Measure Theory)0thdepauw AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Ding, DanfengStaffFinancial SecretaryRoom 234, Math Building54342646-234dfding AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Du, RongProfessorAlgebraic Geometry, Complex Geometry and CR GeometryRoom 312, Math Building54342646-312rdu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Du, RuoxiaAssociate ProfessorCombinatoricsRoom 431, Math Building54342646-431rxdu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Fan, LianghuoProfessormathematics education, teacher education and professional development, international and comparative educationRoom 202, Math &
Static Building South
33503075lhfan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Fu, XianlongProfessorTheory and applications of functional differential equationsRoom 317, Math Building54342646-317xlfu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Fukumoto YoshiyasuPostdoctorNon-commutative Geometry, K-theoryRoom A1504, Science Building0fukumoto AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Gong, MiaokunLectuerSystem data processing, analysis, predictive controlRoom 214, Math Building54342646-214mkgong AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Gu, QingAssociate ProfessorWavelet and its ApplicationRoom 321, Math Building54342646-321qgu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Guo, XuepingAssociate ProfessorComputational MathematicsRoom 431, Math Building54342646-431xpguo AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

He, XiaoqingProfessorPartial differential equations, applied mathematics, mathematical biology54342646-727xqhe AT cpde.ecnu.edu.cn
He, YijieLectuerMathematics EducationRoom 419, Math Building54342646-419yjhe AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Hu, NaihongProfessorTheoy of Lie algebra and quantum groupRoom 313, Math Building54342646-313nhhu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Hu, YaohuaStaffMathematics Education and Technology, Associate chief editorRoom A1514, Science Building &
Room 120, Math Building
62232712/54342646-120yhhu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Huang, RongpeiAssociate ProfessorDifferential geometryRoom 220, Math Building54342646-220rphuang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Huang, XiaPostdoctorNonlinear Partial Differntial Equation54342646-721xhuang AT cpde.ecnu.edu.cn

Ji, JunliStaffResearch Center for Operator Algebras, Office AdministratorRoom 1502, Science Building &
Room 123, Math Building
62238766/54342609/54342646-123jlji AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Jia, ZhiStaffDepartment Party Secretary,the undergraduate and graduate counselor, Associate ProfessorRoom 233, Math Building54342625/54342646-233zjia AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Jiao, XiangyuAssociate ProfessorVertex Operator Algebrasroom 222, Math Building54342646-222xyjiao AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Li, FangProfessorGeometric Analysis and Image ProcessingRoom 109, Math Building54342646-109fli AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Li, TaoProfessorStochastic system, CyberneticsRoom 318, Math Building54342646-318tli AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Li, WenxiaProfessorFractal geometry and applicationsRoom 315, Math Building54342646-315wxli AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Li, ZhenStaffOffice AdministratorRoom 123, Math Building54342609/54342646-123zli AT sist.ecnu.edu.cn
Liang, JinrongProfessorFractal Geometry and its ApplicationsRoom 324, Math Building54342646-324jrliang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Liao,CaishengLectuerDifferential GeometryRoom 220, Math Building54342646-220cliao AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Lin, LeiAssociate ProfessorTheory of Lie algebra and Mathematics educationRoom 228, Math Building54342646-228llin AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Liu, BoPostdoctorGlobal analysis on manifolds, Atiyah-Singer index theory, Differential K-theoryRoom 216,Math building54342646-216bliu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Liu, GangProfessor54342646-603gliu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Liu, JunpingLectuerOperator algebraRoom 326, Math Building54342646-326jpliu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Liu, PanAssociate ProfessorGeometry and PDERoom 226, Math Building54342646-226pliu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Liu, XingboProfessorBifurcation theory and chaos of dynamical systemRoom 226, Math Building54342646-226xbliu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Liu, ZhiguoProfessorTheta functions, q-series,Number Theory, Ramanujan's NotebooksRoom 336, Math Building54342646-336zgliu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Long, BotaoPostdoctorFunctional Analysis, Operator Algebras and Noncommutative GeometryRoom A1504, Science Building0btlong AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Long, WenjingStaffRoom 130, Math Building54342646-130wjlong AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Lu, ChanghongProfessorCombinatorics; Graph Theory and AlgorithmsRoom 231, Math Building54342646-231chlu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Lu, JunAssociate ProfessorAlgebraic geometryRoom 110, Math Building54342646-110jlu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Lu, XiaoliPostdoctor0xllu@math.ecnu.edu.cn
Luo, LiAssociate ProfessorLie algebrasRoom 225, Math Building54342646-225lluo AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Lv, XinProfessorAlgebraic Geometry0xlv AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Ma, XinanProfessorNonlinear PDERoom , Math Building54342609xnma AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Miao, JunjieAssociate ProfessorFractal geometryRoom 232, Math Building54342646-232jjmiao AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Ng, Sui-ChungProfessorComplex Geometry, Several Complex VariablesRoom 219, Math Building54342646-219scng AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Ni, MingkangProfessorThe singular perturbation of differential equations and optimum control theory, biology mathematicsRoom 322, Math Building54342646-322mkni AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Pan, JianyuProfessorNumerical Algebra and Scientific ComputingRoom 229, Math Building54342646-229jypan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Pan, XingbinProfessorPartial differential equations, calculus of variations, mathematical theory of superconductivity, liquid crystals and electromagnetismRoom 335, Math Building54345089xbpan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Pang, XuechenProfessorComplex AnalysisRoom 211, Math Building54342646-211xcpang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Qin, YujunAssociate ProfessorAutomorphic form and representation theoryRoom 218, Math Building54342646-218yjqin AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Qiu, RuifengProfessorLow-Dimensional ManifoldRoom 33154342646-331rfqiu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Qu, ZhenhuaAssociate ProfessorNumber Theory, Algebraic GeometryRoom 222, Math Building54342646-222zhqu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Ren, HanProfessorOperations Research, Combinatorial Theory, Topological Graph TheoryRoom 427, Math Building54342646-427hren AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Shao, MingjiangLectuerApplied MathematicsRoom 421, Math Building54342646-421mjshao AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Shen, WeiqinStaffLibrarianReference Room 311, Math Building54345261/54342646-311wqshen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Shu, BinProfessorLie Algebras and Representation TheoryRoom 334, Math Building54342646-334bshu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Sun, WeiLectuerFunctional Analysis, Operator Algebraroom A1512(right), Science Building / Room 213 Math Building62232422wsun AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Tan, Sheng-LiProfessorAlgebraic geometryRoom 337, Math Building54342634/54342646-337sltan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Wan, FuyongAssociate ProfessorControl theory and intelligent system, Director of Computer Room and Network CenterRoom 205, Math Building54342646-205fywan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, Chao0wangchao@math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, HangProfessorFunctional Analysis, Noncommutative GeometryRoom A1503, Science Building0wanghang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, HuanPostdoctorComplex geometry and complex analysisRoom 216, Math Building54342646-216hwang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, JialuStaffEducational AdministratorRoom 115, Math Building54342646-115jlwang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, JianpanProfessorAlgebraic group and quantum groupRoom 409, Math Building54342646-409jpwang AT admin.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, LipingProfessorPartial Differetial Equation, Nonlinear AnalysisRoom 419, Math Building54342646-419lpwang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, QinProfessorFunctional Analysis, Coarse Geometry, Operator Algebra, Noncommutative GoemetryRoom A1508, Science Building62235820qwang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, YilingLectuerDifferential geometryRoom 435, Math Building54342646-435ylwang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, YuanmingProfessorNumerical solutions of PDEsRoom 215, Math Building54342646-215ymwang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, YuanpeiLectuerDifferential EquationRoom 326, Math Building54342646-326ypwang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wen, YuliangAssociate ProfessorDifferential GeometryRoom 229, Math Building54342646-229ylwen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wu, WeiProfessorOperator AlgebrasRoom 319, Math Building54342646-319wwu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wu, YayaStaffSecretary of Graduate StudentsRoom 117, Math Building54342646-117yayawu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wu, YingkangAssociate ProfessorSecondary school mathematics teaching and learningRoom 417, Math Building54342646-417ykwu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wu, YouyiStaffIT AdministratorRoom 203, 200, Math Building54342646-203yywu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Xie, BingyongAssociate ProfessorAlgebriac number theoryRoom 227, Math Building54342646-227byxie AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Xie, YuFacultyRoom 115 Math Building, Minhang Campus54343074yxie AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Xiong, BingProfessorMathematics competition and Problem solvingRoom 224, Math Building54342646-224bxiong AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Xue, YifengProfessorOperator AlgebraRoom 314, Math Building54342646-314yfxue AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Yang, DanpingProfessorNumerical Methods for PDEs, Computing in Science and EngineeringRoom 332, Math Building54342646-332dpyang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yang, SimanAssociate ProfessorApplications of number theory to coding theory and cryptographyRoom 212, Math Building54342646-212smyang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yang, ZhuhongLectuerFunctional differential equationsRoom,105,212, Math Building54342646-105zhyang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Ye, DongProfessorNonlinear Partial Differntial Equation, Geometric Analysis54342646-733dye AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yu, FutuanstaffDepartment Deputy Party SecretaryRoom 107, Math Building54344022/54342646-107ftyu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yu, GuoniStaffthe undergraduate and graduate counselor, LectuerRoom 103, Math Building54342646-103gnyu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yuan, FurongLectuerComputational MathematicsRoom 123, Math Building54342609/54342646-123fryuan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yuan, HairongProfessorPartial Differential EquationsRoom 419, Math Building54342646-419hryuan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Zhan, XingzhiProfessorGraph Theory and Matrix TheoryRoom 323, Math Building54342646-323zhan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhang, HongyanStaffOffice AdministratorRoom 123, Math Building54342609/54342646-123hyzhang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhang, JingAssociate ProfessorDifferential equation and Dynamical system32054342646-320jzhang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhang, MeirongStaffthe undergraduate and graduate counselor, LectuerRoom 105, Math Building54342646-105mrzhang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhang, TongProfessorArakelov Geometry,Algebraic GeometryRoom 325, Math Building54342646-325tzhang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhang, XiangyunAssociate ProfessorScientific Computing and Numerical AlgebraRoom 110, Math Building54342646-110xyzhang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhang, YanyanAssociate ProfessorApplied Partial Differential EquationsRoom 321, Sorth Math Building54342646-721yyzhang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhao, ChunyiAssociate ProfessorPartial Differential EquationsRoom 116, Math Building54342646-116cyzhao AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zheng, HaibiaoAssociate ProfessorComputational MathematicsRoom 207, Math Building54342646-207hbzheng AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zheng, YuProfessorGeometric AnalysisRoom 330, Math Building54342646-330zhyu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhou, FengProfessorNonlinear Analysis,Partial Differntial EquationRoom 223, Math Building &
Room A1515, Science Building
54342646-223/62237325fzhou AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhou, GuodongAssociate ProfessorRepresentations Theory of AlgebrasRoom 214, Math Building54342646-214gdzhou AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhou, LinfengAssociate ProfessorDifferential GeometryRoom 321, Math Building54342646-321lfzhou AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhou, QingProfessorDifferential Geometry, Topology and Geometry of Low-Dimensional ManifoldsRoom A1403, Science Building &
Room 332, Math Building
62232399/54342646-332qzhoumath AT yahoo.cn
Zhu, MengProfessorDifferential Geometry and Geometric AnalysisRoom 232, Math Building54342646-232mzhu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhu, ShengfengAssociate ProfessorComputational Mathematics21854342646-218sfzhu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Retiree(portion) (54 people) 

Chen, GanchenRetireeAssociate Professor, Computational MathematicsRoom , Math Building62233120gcchen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Chen, JunyingRetireeLectuer, Pure MathematicsRoom A1514, Science Building62232712jychen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Chen, XiaodingRetireeSenior EngineerRoom , Math Building54342609xdchen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Chen, ZhijieRetireeAlgebraic geometryRoom 331, Math Building54342609zjchen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Deng, WenxiaRetireeAssistant Research FellowRoom 102, Small Teaching Building62238766wxdeng AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Ding, DagongRetireeProbability Theory and StatisticsRoom 225, Math Building54342609dgding AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Fan, QingnanRetireeAssistant Economic ManagerReference Room, Math Building54345261qnfan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Gu, BeiRetireeLibrarianReference Room 311, Math Building54345261/54342646-311bgu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Han, ShianRetireeNumber theoryRoom 225, Math Building54342609sahan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Hong, YuanRetireeProfessor, Algebraic graph theoryRoom , Math Building54342609yhong AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Hu, ShanwenRetireeFunctional analysis, Operator algebraRoom 227, Math Building54342646-227swhu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Huang, YingeRetireeEducational Administration, LibrarianRoom A1512, Science Building62232422yehuang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Ji, HuikangRetireeAssociate Professor, Probability Theory and StatisticsRoom , Math Building62233120hkji AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Jiang, CaikunRetireeAssociate Professor, Computer Asisited Mathematical Eaducation, Lie Group, Lie AlgebraRoom , Math Building54342609ckjiang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Jiang, LinjuanRetireeEducational AdministratorRoom 115, Math Building54342646-115ljjiang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Jiang, LumingRetireeAssociate Professor, Partial Differential Equations, Financial MathematicsRoom , Math Building62233120lmjiang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Li, RuyuanRetireePure MathematicsRoom 421, Math Building54342609ryli AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Li, ShiqiRetireePsychology in mathematics educationRoom 317, Math Building54342646-317sqli AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Liu, HongkunRetireeAssociate Professor, Mathematics competition and Problem solvingRoom , Math Building62233120hkliu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Liu,YongmingRetireeApplied Mathematics, Applied Partial differential equationsRoom 318, Math Building54342646-318ymliu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Lu, JianpingRetireeSenior EngineerRoom 229, Math Building62233899jplu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Ma, GuoxuanRetireeAssociate Research LibrarianRoom , Math Building62233120gxma AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Mi, QimingRetireeLibrarian,Financial mathematics, Director of department reading roomReference Room 311, Math Building54345261/54342646-311qmmi AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Pan, RenliangRetireeDynamic Data Processing, Intelligence and ControlRoom 328, Math Building54342646-328rlpan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Qiu, SenRetireeProfessor, Mathematics Education and TechnologyRoom , Math Building62233120sqiu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Qu, ShenrongRetireeAlgebraRoom 214, Math Building54342646-214srqu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Ruan, RongyaoRetireeProfessor, Control theory and its applicationsRoom , Math Building54342609ryruan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Shen, Chun-liRetireeDifferential geometry and Yang-Mills gauge theoryRoom 209, Math Building54342646-209cshen AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Shi, JianyiRetireeAlgebraic groupRoom 333, Math Building54345064/54342646-333jyshi AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Tang, RuifenRetireeProfessor, Mathematics Education and TechnologyRoom , Math Building62233120rftang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Wang, JiyanRetireeProfessor, Mathematics Education and TechnologyRoom , Math Building62233120jywang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wang, XuefengRetireeProfessor, Partial differential equationRoom , Math Building62233120
Wang, ZhimingRetireeSingular Perturbation,Control Theory, Networked ControlRoom 327, Math Building54342646-327zmwang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Weng, JianpingRetireeAdministrative ManagementRoom , Math Building62233120jpweng AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wenren, KaiRetireeAssociate Professor, Operational researchRoom , Math Building62232363kwenren AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wu, LiangshenRetireeProfessor, Functional Analysis, Operator AlgebraRoom , Math Building54342609lswu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Wu, YunshengRetireeAssociate Professor, Number theoryRoom , Math Building62233120yswu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Xia, XiaozhangRetireeAssociate Professor, Probability Theory and StatisticsRoom , Math Building54342609xzxia AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Xin, ZhongyiRetireeAssociate chief editorRoom A1514, Science Building & Room 118, Math Building62232712chyxin AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Xu, ChenghouRetireeMathematics Education and Technology54342609chxu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Yan, MeizhenRetireeLectuer, Pure MathematicsRoom , Math Building62233120mzyan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yang, ShanhuaRetireeAssociate Professor, Pure MathematicsRoom , Math Building62233120shyang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yu, GengfuRetireeAssociate Research Fellow54342609gfyu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yu, KeminRetireeAssociate Professor, Mathematics Education and TechnologyRoom , Math Building62233120kmyu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yu, MeirongRetireeLibrarianRoom , Math Building62233120mryu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Yuan, ZhendongRetireeProfessor, Control theory and its applicationsRoom , Math Building54342609zdyuan AT math.ecnu.edu.cn

Zhang, DianzhouRetireeProfessor, Functional analysis and history of mathematicsRoom , Math Building54342609dzzhang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhang, XingguoRetireeLibrarianRoom A1502, Science Building62238766xgzhang AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhao, ShuqinRetireeAssociate Professor, Numerical analysisRoom , Math Building62233120sqzhao AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhao, XiaopingRetireeEducation of MathematicsRoom 234, Math Building543426246-234xpzhao AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zheng, YufanRetireeComplexity and complex system theoryRoom 332, Math Building & Room A1405, Science Building54342609yfzheng AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhong, BiruRetireeLectuer,Administrative ManagementRoom , Math Building62233120brzhong AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhou, GuohuaRetireeLectuer, Operational research and Control TheoryRoom , Math Building62233120ghzhou AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
Zhu, DemingRetireeQualitative Theory and Bifurcation Theory in Differential Equations and Dynamical SystemsRoom 219, Math Building54342646-219dmzhu AT math.ecnu.edu.cn
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