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Bilateral identities of the Rogers-Ramanujan type 2018年9月21日 8:30--9:30
报告人简介:Michael Schlosser教授1996年在维也纳大学获得博士学位,导师是澳科学院通讯院士Krattenthaler教授。Michael Schlosser教授是当今国际上研究多变量q-超几何级数的顶级专家,迄今已经在国际著名刊物上发表了60多篇学术论文,他的研究极大地推动了多变量q-超几何级数的发展。此外他还担了著名数学期刊Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 和Ramanujan Journal的编委;担任过2016年SASTRA Ramanujan奖的评...
Uncertainty Principle and its rigidity on complete gradient shrinking Ricci solitons 2019年11月13日下午1:00-2:00
Abstract: In this talk I will show a rigidity theorem for gradient shrinking Ricci solitons supporting the Heisenberg-Pauli-Weyl uncertainty principle with the sharp constant in R^n. I will give a brief introduction to Ricci soliton, and then talk about the obtained result.

Geometric estimates for complex monge ampere equations. 2019年11月12日下午1:00-2:00
Abstract.: In the talk, we will prove uniform gradient and diameter estimates for a family of geometric complex Monge?Ampère equations. Such estimates can be applied to study geometric regularity of singular solutions of complex Monge?Ampère equations. We also prove a uniform diameter estimate for collapsing families of twisted K?hler?Einstein metrics on K?hler manifolds of nonnegative Kodaira ...
Relatvie volume comparison of Ricci flow 2019年11月7日下午1:00-2:00
摘要:I will present a relative volume comparison of Ricci flow. It is a refinement of Perelman pseudolocality theorem. It is a joint work with Professor Tian.

New affine isoperimetric inequalities 2019年10月22日上午10:00-11:00
摘要: In this talk, we will speak on our recent work on the (dual) affine surface area. Specifically, by establishing the variational formula for the (dual) affine surface area, we define the affine (intersection or) projection measure. Taking into account the two important characters in convex geometry: the (intersection or) projection function and the ellipsoid, we establish new affine isoperime...
短课程:Fundamentals of Probabilistic Machine Learning 2019 年10月21日--23日
2019 年10月21日(周一)上午9:30--11:00,下午13:30--15:00;
2019 年10月22日(周二)上午9:30--11:00,下午13:30--15:00;
2019 年10月23日(周三)上午9:30--11:00,下午13:30--15:00;


Professor Nicholas Zabaras joined Notre Dame's College of Engineering after serving as founding director of th...
单值化猜想一些最近的进展 10月16日下午14:00
报告内容简介:复变函数论中的单值化定理断言一个单连通黎曼曲面同构于黎曼球面,复平面,或单位圆盘。一个几何推论是有正曲率度量的黎曼曲面同构于黎曼球面或复平面。这个结果在高维有相应的推广。在紧流形上,有著名的Frankel猜想(被Mori, Siu-Yau独立解决):正双截曲率的Kaehler紧流形同构于复射影空间。Yau的单值化猜想考虑了非紧情形:正双截曲率的Kaehler非紧流形同构于复欧式空间。在这个报告中,我们将讨论单值化猜测的最...
Introduction to the shrinking gradient Ricci solitons 2019年9月27日下午3:00-4:00
摘要: In this talk, first I mainly introduce some important results of the shrinking gradient Ricci solitons. Secondly, I will introduce the classification of shrinking Kahler-Ricci solitons for nonnegative holomorphic bisectional (or orthogonal bisectional ) curvature. The bisectional curvature part of (3) is a joint work with Guoqiang Wu.

Heterogeneous and nonergodic diffusion: multiscale modelling and simulation 2019年9月24日(星期二)上午08:30-09:30

邓伟华,教授,博士生导师,数学与统计学院科研副院长、计算数学研究所所长。 主要研究领域:1、反常与非遍历扩散、幂律衰减的波传播:模型、理论、 算法及应用;2、随机模型、理论、算法及应用。 2012年6月任博士生导师,2010年5月被聘任为教授;2009年获教育部新世纪优秀人才称号;2008年12月 任硕士生导师,2007年7月被聘任为副教授。2007年6月在上海大学获理学博士学位;于2000年6月和2003年6在兰...
Homogeneous Einstein Finsler metrics on $(4n+3)$-dimensional spheres 2019/9/20 上午10:00-11:00
Abstract: In this lecture,
we discuss a class of homogeneous Finsler metrics of vanishing $S$-curvature on a $(4n+3)$-dimensional sphere.
We find a second order ordinary differential equation that characterizes Einstein metrics with constant Ricci curvature $1$ among this class.
Using this equation we show that there are infinitely many homogeneous Einstein metrics on $S^{4n+...
Some resuls on gradient shrinking Ricci soliton 2019年9月19日下午1:00一2:00
摘要:I will start with some background on Ricci soliton, then review previous results on soliton from three aspects: the rigidigy, the local regularity and the classification results; at last I will focus on a global problem, i.e. The splitting theorem. Our main result implies that the soliton has only one end, if the Ricci curvature satisfies some pinching condition

主持人:郑宇 教...
The holomorphic analytic torsion associated with canonical metrics on P^1 Thursday, July 25, 2019, 1:00-2:00pm
Abstract: In this talk, I shall construct singular Laplacians associated with the canonical metrics of line bundles on the complex projective line. Then, I shall show that these operators admit a non-negative, discrete and infinite spectrum.
I shall explain how to compute explicitly the regularised determinant of the zeta function associated with this spectrum.
Boundaries of non-positively curved groups 7月23日10:30-11:30

To every Gromov hyperbolic space X one can associate a space at infinity called the Gromov boundary of X. This boundary is a fundamental tool for studying hyperbolic groups and hyperbolic 3-manifolds. As shown by Gromov, quasi-isometries of hyperbolic metric spaces induce homeomorphisms on their boundaries, thus giving rise to a well-defined notion of the boundary of a hyperb...
2019年华东师大流形上的几何与分析研讨会 2019年7月6日至7月7日
2019年华东师大流形上的几何与分析暑期学校 2019年7月1日至7月5日
Higher order neck analysis for harmonic maps and its applications Thursday, May 9, 2019, 1:00-2:00pm
Abstract: We shall prove some refined estimate on the neck region when a sequence of harmonic maps from surfaces blow up. It generalizes the well-known energy identity and no neck theorem of harmonic maps. We then discuss applications, which include a further blow-up of the neck region and an inequality about the nullity and index of the sequence.
On a conjecture of Toponogov on complete convex surfaces Thursday, Mar. 28, 2019, 1:00-2:00pm
Abstract: In 1995, Victor Andreevich Toponogov authored the following conjecture: “Every smooth strictly convex and complete classical surface of the type of a plane has an umbilic point, possibly at infinity“. In our talk, we will outline a proof, in collaboration with Brendan Guilfoyle. Namely we prove that (a) the Fredholm index of an associated Riemann Hilbert boundary problem for holomorphi...
J-flow and cscK metrics on minimal models Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2019, 1:00-2:00pm
Abstract: We use the recent theorem of Chen-Cheng to prove the existence of a family of collapsing cscK metrics on Kahler manifolds with semi-ample canonical bundles. A conjecture about the limiting behavior of these metrics will also be discussed. This is joint work with Wangjian Jian and Jian Song.
A conclusive theorem on Finsler metrics of sectional flag curvature Thursday, Mar. 14, 2019, 1:00-2:00pm
Abstract: Flag curvature is the most important quantity in Finsler geometry, because it generalizes the notion of sectional curvature in Riemannian geometry. In this talk I will give a brief introduction to Finsler geometry and discuss some interesting curvature phenomena. In particular, I will prove that when flag curvature reduces to sectional curvature, then either the Finsler metric is Riemann...
Recent Developments in Sphere Theorems 13:00-14:00, March 8, 2019
Abstract:It plays an important role in geometry and topology of manifolds to study sphere theorems. During the past fifteen years, a number of great achievements on sphere theorems, including the Poincare conjecture, the 1/4-pinching differentiable sphere theorem, and the Willmore conjecture, have been made by several geometers. In this talk, I will discuss recent progress and new techniques deve...
Polysymplectic Reduction and the Moduli Space of Flat Connections 2018年1月10日,周四, 13:00-14:00
In a landmark paper, Atiyah and Bott showed that the moduli space of flat connections on a principal bundle over an orientable closed surface is the symplectic reduction of the space of all connections by the action of the gauge group. By appealing to polysymplectic geometry, a generalization of symplectic geometry in which the symplectic form takes values in a given vector space,...
q-Stability conditions on Calabi-Yau-X categories 2019年1月9日(星期三)下午3:00至4:00
摘要: We introduce the q-deformation of stability conditions on Calabi-Yau-X categories, with applications to mirror symmetry and cluster theory.
个人简介: 邱宇2011年毕业于英国巴斯大学,2012-2016年在加拿大和挪威做过博士后。2016-2018年在香港中文大学任研究助理教授,2018年9月到清华丘中心任副教授。他的研究领域是代数表示论及几何拓扑,主要研究Calabi-Yau范畴上的稳定条件空间及其应用,于2016年获得...
Family version of the Kirillov formula 2018年12月27日,周四, 13:00-14:00
Abstract: The Kirillov formula is an important formula in representation theory which represents the character of a representation as an integral over a certain orbit of the group in its coadjoint represention. In 80's, this formula was extended as an index formula with infinitesimal group action by Berline-Vergne and Bismut. In this talk, we will extend this formula to the family version. This is...
Systoles of hyperbolic surfaces with big cyclic symmetry 2018-12-23(周日) 13:30-14:30


A Geometric Approach to the Modified Milnor Problem 2018年12月20日,周四 13:00-14:00
abstract:The Milnor Problem (modified) in the theory of group growth asks whether any finite presented group of vanishing algebraic entropy has at most polynomial growth. We show that a positive answer to the Milnor Problem (modified) is equivalent to the Nilpotency Conjecture in Riemannian geometry: given $n, d>0$, there exists a constant $\epsilon(n,d)>0$ such that if a compact Riemannian $n$-m...
2018ECNU流形上的分析与几何冬季研讨会 2018年12月15-16日
Dimension of invariant measures for affine iterated function systems 2018-12-13 15:00-16:00

Abstract: In mathematics, iterated function system is one of the main schemes in generating fractal sets and measures. In this talk, I will report some recent advances in dimension theory of stationary measures for affine iterated function systems.

The growth of dimension of cohomology of semipositive line bundles on complex manifolds 2018年12月6日,周四, 13:00-14:00
We study the dimension of cohomology of semipositive line bundles on complex manifolds, and obtain an asymptotic estimate for the dimension of the space of harmonic (0,q)-forms with values in high tensor powers of a semipositive line bundle when the fundamental estimate holds. We will introduce the background and recent progresses based on arXiv: 1810.09881v1.
Gradient steady Ricci solitons with linear curvature decay 2018年11月29日,周四13:00-14:00
Abstract: In this talk, we will talk about steady Ricci solitons with nonnegative sectional curvature and linear scalar curvature decay. In particular, we will give a classification of 3-dimensional steady Ricci solitons with linear decay and positively curved 4-dimensional noncollapsed steady Ricci solitons with linear decay. This is a joint work with Prof. Xiaohua Zhu.
From Bar construction to quantum groups, and back to (co)homology via braidings. 2018-11-25 8:00-8:45
报告人简介:Rosso是著名Hopf代数与量子群专家。他博士毕业于Stasbourg大学,现为巴黎七大教授。他是法国巴黎高等师范学校数学系前任系主任,Bourbaki学派成员。他的文章发表在顶尖杂志Invent. Math.等国际杂志上,具有巨大的学术影响力。

Abstract: The Bar construction for an associative algebra involves the classical cofree coalgebra, with a suitable coderivation. Extending the context to the cate...
Hochschild homology of proper Lie groupoids 2018-11-24 8:00-8:45
报告人简介:唐翔教授是著名非交换几何与Poisson几何专家。他博士毕业于加州大学Berkerley分校,师从著名几何学家Weinstein教授,他现为美国华盛顿大学Saint-Louis分校教授。他的文章发表在一流杂志Crelle, Adv.Math.等国际杂志上,具有巨大的学术影响力。
In this talk, I will report some recent work in progress with Markus Pflaum and Hessel Posthuma about Hochschild homology of proper Lie g...
On the multiplicity-one conjecture for mean curvature flow 11月22日,周四,13:00-14:00
Abstract: In this talk, I will explain recent progress on Ilmanen's multiplicity-one conjecture for closed smooth embedded mean curvature flow with type I mean curvature. This is joint work with Bing Wang.
Q-curvature in conformal geometry 11月19日周一 下午3:00-4:00
Abstract: Q-curvature is a generalization of the Gaussian curvature. In this talk, I will explain about the definition of Q-curvature and some of its properties.
Then I will talk about some problems related to Q-curvature, including the problem of prescribing Q-curvature.
Q-curvature in conformal geometry 11月19日周一,15:00-16:00
Abstract: Q-curvature is a generalization of the Gaussian curvature. In this talk, I will explain about the definition of Q-curvature and some of its properties.
Then I will talk about some problems related to Q-curvature, including the problem of prescribing Q-curvature.
Singularities of the Ricci flow and Ricci solitons 11月15日,周四,15:30-16:30
Abstract: The Ricci flow, introduced by R. Hamilton in 1982, evolves the initial geometry of a given space by the parabolic Einstein equation. One of the most important issues in the study of the Ricci flow is to understand the formation of singularities. It turns out generic singularities of the Ricci flow are essentially modeled by Ricci solitons. In this talk, I will discuss the phenomena of s...
What are discrete spheres? 11月14日周三,下午12:30-1:30
Abstract: The Bonnet-Myers theorem states that an n-dimensional complete Riemannian manifold M with Ricci curvature lower bounded by a positive number (n-1)K is compact, and its diameter is no greater than $\pi/\sqrt{K}$. Moreover, Cheng's rigidity theorem tells that the diameter estimate is sharp if and only if M is the n-dimensional round sphere. In this talk, I will discuss discrete analogues ...
On variation of action integral in Finsler gravity 11月1日周四,下午1:00-2:00
Abstract:In this talk, we will introduce a generalized action integral of both gravity and matter defined on the sphere bundle over Finsler space-time manifold $M$ with a Lorentz-Finsler metric. The Euler-Lagrange equation of this functional, a generalization of the Riemann-Einstein gravity equation with a defined cosmological constant, is obtained by using some divergence theorems. Fibers of the...
2018秋季微分几何讨论班 2018年秋季学期
Quantitative rigidity for domains and immersed hypersurfaces in a Riemannian manifold 10月18日周四,下午13:00-14:00

A classical isoperimetric inequality by A. D. Alexandrov says that for any simply-connected domain Ω on a surface, L^2>=4π*A-K*A^2, where L is the length of boundary, A the area of Ω, and K the upper bound of Ω's Gaussian curvature. Moreover, "=" holds if and only if Ω is a geodesic ball of constant curvature K. For domains in higher dimensional Riemannian manifolds, ...
Signed Circuit Covers of Signed Graphs 2018年10月17号(周三)下午2:00-3:00
摘要: A signed graph G is a graph associated with a mapping σ: E(G) →{+1, -1}. Signed graphs can be used to present surface duals of digraphs embedded in non-orientable surfaces. A signed graph is coverable if each edge is contained in some signed circuit. The edges of a signed circuit in a signed graph corresponds a minimal dependent set in the signed graphic matroid. An oriented signed graph ...
Kaehler hyperbolic manifolds and Chern number inequalities 2018年9月29日 下午14:00?15:00
摘要:In this talk we will review two well-known conjectures due to Hopf and S.-T. Yau respectively, and explain their connections via the concept of ``Kaehler hyperbolicity" introduced by Gromov.
Then we shall report our recent work around Kaehler hyperbolic manifolds.
Quasi-local mass and uniqueness of isoperimetric surfaces in asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds 9 月11日(星期二)上午10:00-11:00
Abstract: Quasi-local mass is a basic notion in General Relativity. Geometrically, it can be regarded as a geometric quantity of a boundary of a 3-dimensional compact Riemannian manifold. Usually, it is in terms of area and mean curvature of the boundary. It is interesting to see that some of quasi-local masses, like Brown-York mass, Hawking mass and isoperimetric mass have deep relation with clas...
Quasi-local mass and uniqueness of isoperimetric surfaces in asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds 2018-9-11(周二) 上午10:00-11:00
Quasi-local mass is a basic notion in General Relativity. Geometrically, it can be regarded as a geometric quantity of a boundary of a 3-dimensional compact Riemannian manifold. Usually, it is in terms of area and mean curvature of the boundary. It is interesting to see that some of quasi-local masses, like Brown-York mass, Hawking mass and isoperimetric mass have deep relation ...
微分几何国际会议-暨庆祝Jeff Cheeger教授75岁生日学术研讨会 2018年6月28日至6月29日
几何分析暑期讨论班        Program 2018-01-01 12:13
2008年几何分析暑期学校及讨论班 2018-01-01 12:13

时间: 2008年7月21-30.

地点: 华东师大数学系


周培能(Bennett Chow), benchow@math.ucsd.edu

沈纯理(主席), cshen@math.ecnu.edu.cn

周风(系主任), fzhou@math.ecnu.edu.cn

郑宇, zhyu@math.ecnu.edu.cn

高志成教授(加拿大Carleton大学)学术报告 2018-01-01 12:13
报告人: 高志成 教授(加拿大Carleton大学)

题目: Surface Maps and Recursions

摘要: 介绍和回顾地图计数的发展历史,
并且介绍最近由Goulden 和Jackson

地点: 闵行校区数学馆126室

时间: 2008年5月26日上午10:00-11:00
2009华东师大数学系几何分析暑期学校 2018-01-01 12:13

时间: 2009年8月3-15.

地点: 华东师大数学系(闵行)

复曲面上Kaehler-Einstein度量的存在性 2018-01-01 12:13


时间: 2009年 11月 17 日 (周二) 下午 14:30-16:20

地点: 4号教学楼402多媒体教室

本系列报告将介绍G. Tian关于复曲面上Kahler-Einstein度量的工作的基本想法及在这个问题上最新进展。
齐性动力系统与丢番图逼近 2018-01-01 12:13







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