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In Honor of Jeff Cheeger's 75th Birthday

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  • Time: June 28-29
  • Venue: East China Normal University in Shanghai

About the Conference

The focus of the conference will be on recent developments in geometric partial differential equations, Riemannian Geometry, spectral theory, metric geometry, and analysis on metric measure spaces.

Invited Speakers

Jean-Michel Bismut (Université Paris-Sud) Werner Muller (University of Bonn)
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon (CNRS-IHÉS) Aaron Naber (Northwestern University)
Xianzhe Dai (UC, Santa Barbara) Tony Phillips (Stony Brook University)
Sylvester Eriksson-Bique (UCLA) Eero Saksman (University of Helsinki)
Fuquan Fang (Captial Normal University) Gang Tian (Peking University)
Wenshuai Jiang (Zhejiang University) Weiping Zhang (Nankai University)
Ilkka Holopainen (University of Helsinki) Zhenlei Zhang (Capital Normal University)
Chi Li (Purdue University)  

Time and Venue


Time: June 25-26, 2018

Venue: Capital Normal University in Beijing

Time: June 28-29, 2018

Venue: East China Normal University in Shanghai

Register Now

If you want to participate the conference, please register by filling the form through the following link:

Conference Organizing Committee

Xianzhe Dai, Fuquan Fang, Xiaochun Rong

Local Organizing Commitee

Capital Normal University:

Yanyan Niu, Ming Xu, Shicheng Xu, Zhenlei Zhang

East China Normal University:

Guofang Wei, Hongyan Zhang, Yu Zheng, Linfeng Zhou

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